It started with a Shuttle flight last Tuesday from Boston to NYC for a day, then we headed to SF for 2 days.  Then Friday night, after a day of client meetings and internal brainstorms, we hopped on the 10:30pm flight to Sydney.  And, 15 hours later, woke up in Sydney — on Sunday morning.  (Still scratching my head that we left Friday night, and woke up Sunday morning, but whatever.)

Ah, Sydney.  What an incredibly gorgeous city.  I now understand why people say they visit and never want to leave.  The people are friendly, the weather is gorgeous, the water and views are stunning, the food is great, and, well, what else do you have to want?

For me, here are some random thoughts:

  1. The Harbor
    Good lord, that place is gorgeous.   It’s inviting, spectacular, bustling, and simply gorgeous.  I will say it again — it’s gorgeous.
    2014-03-09 14.19.16
  2. The Opera House
    1. We got lucky.  Our Sydney office has done work with the Opera House, so we got a special VIP tour — behind the scenes views.  We peeked in and heard the Symphony practicing, and got to watch the crew begin to set up the sets for the Opera.  We met the CEO of the Sydney Opera, whose office is arguably one of the finest in the city – it sits right on the water overlooking the Harbor.  Yup, be jealous.
    2. The views
      1. Lots more like this, but check out the color of the water.  And the rocks.  And the views
    3. The wildlife
      1. We had a lovely dinner on the porch at the home of our Australian CEO.  It was a gorgeous view, in the middle of Manly.  And there, perched on the roof of the neighbors were these three birds — called Laurakeets.
      2. Then we heard this throaty chuckle and were told it was a Kookaburra.  Wait, like the song, right?
      3. Note:  Do you know why it’s called Manly?  We heard this from our tour guide, and it was corroborated at our client dinner.  Apparently, when Captain Scott came into the bay and harbor, the aborigines threw spears at his boat, and he commented that they seemed very “manly” – not sure if it’s true, but we bought it.
    4. Here’s the oldest pub in the city.  Don’t know why that’s important, save for the fact that every Aussie I have ever met loves his or her beer


  3. Note – unlike the States, the Pub in Sydney stands for Public, so anyone who needs to use the restroom has to be allowed in, by law.  Yup, pretty different.






    1. Best part of Sydney in terms of the name.  Russell Crowe lives there, or so we were told.  And remember the old “M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-I” rhyme so we would remember how to spell the state?  Well, one of my Sydney colleagues told me the easy way to remember how to spell it:  “Sheep toilet, Cow toilet” – “Wool Loo, Moo Loo”
    2. You’re welcome
    3. Diversity of Cultures = Great food
      1. Given how gorgeous this place is, Sydney has attracted people from the States, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and many other places.  So there are great restaurants featuring Italian, Greek, Japanese, Vietnamese, and many many more.  Every meal we had was excellent.
    4. The positive energy
      1. The people are always smiling
      2. And interestingly enough, they seem very fit.  Now, granted, we didn’t go to the rough and poor areas.  But many of our Edelman colleagues spoke of running to work, or running home, or going for bike rides, or working out religiously.
      3. As a result of all of the above — the weather, the diversity, the architecture, the sun, the food, the water, the views, etc — our office is a vibrant, energetic, buzzing place.  It helps that the firm is doing well, and the office leaders are spectacular.  But one employee after the next was smart, energetic, smiling, and positive.

Sydney?  Count me in.  I gotta get back.  Thanks for hosting me, Mate.

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