The man is a maniac.  There, I said it.  Ted Rubin is one of the most followed, connected, and high energy individuals you will ever find.  He is consistently ranked at or near the top of the “must follow” CMOs by an assortment of organizations.  The most recent Social Media Marketing ranking has Ted as the #1 ranked CMO, defined as “someone who contributes valuable and engaging content, and truly ‘gets’ the world of social media.”  His blog is a vibrant collection of thoughts, visions, and hypotheses, and ideas that challenge your brain.

Ted is the Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias, an organization that “facilitates the creation of real shopper media by connecting groups of social media influencers to the brands and retailers they use in their daily lives.” (1)   Ted is also a Social Marketing Strategist for MARS Advertisingworked as a Social Marketing and Engagement Advisor to Big Fuel Communications until they were acquired last March by Publicis Groupe, and is on the Advisory Board of Blue CalypsoOpenSkySheSpeaksTaptankand Zuberance.

When I met him in person several months ago, I was even more impressed.  Here is someone so passionate about marketing and brands, and so dedicated to the power of social media to connect and engage.  His stories are compelling, his energy is infectious, and his sense of humor is priceless.  A proud parent, a passionate client partner, and an energetic defender of consumers — I just had to have him on my MarketEdge podcast.

So, enjoy this interview with Ted Rubin about consumers, shopper marketing, and social media.  And hear why he coined the term “Return on Relationship” and what it means from the master himself.

The link to the podcast can be found here.  You can listen to it directly or download it to listen at your convenience.  And let me know what you think.




(1) According to


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